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The Emirates HR Community is an interactive stage aimed to support, educate, and empower our customers, employees and HR professional from the MENA region by connecting them with peers and partners. Emirates HR Community offers a hub to share ideas, best practices and latest trends.

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5 Reasons Why Employee Engagement Is So Important

5 Reasons Why Employee Engagement Is So Important

A successful business owes a lot of its success to its employees. As such, it’s important to keep your employees happy, productive and eager to work. If at the end of the workday your employees run for the exits, leaving you to turn out the lights then perhaps it’s...

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The Six Stages Of Burnout

Katie Maycock | Anxiety and Digestive Health Specialist There has been a lot of talk about burnout, but what is it really?  Burnout is complete physical, mental and emotional exhaustion stemming from prolonged stress.  That's what it means in a nutshell....

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