There are 6 tech trends in HR that are have completely reshaped recruiting processes. Technology has brought a significant revolution in human resource. In fact, it has redefined the concept of the recruitment process.

Emerging technology in HR

Recent developments have transformed HR in all areas such as recruiting, employee management, performance management etc. Companies have become more employee-friendly. Consequently, the way we recruit has changed.

With technology readily available at your doorstep, employees now have the privilege of working from home. Last few years have seen many innovations in HR technology. These new recruiting trends in 2018 are giving a new direction to recruitment.

The power of Social Media

An upcoming concept in recruitment is social recruitment. Though social recruiting is not a new concept it is widely accepted by HR professionals who continue to implement it in their recruitment process.

HR managers and recruiters have started adopting a resume parser software to simplify the process of hiring the right fit. But along with this recruitment analytics solution, modern Applicant Tracking Systems can now do resume enrichment where candidate information is taken from their social media profiles to update their resumes.

With an increasing usage of social media among millennials, recruiters are posting jobs on this platform, communicating with potential candidates and engaging their employees simultaneously.

Blockchain is the New Disruptor

Blockchain is known for making a system secure and transparent. This is the reason why it has the potential of bringing a change in HR tech space. HR data can be easily secured with this concept, and this is especially important now when GDPR is coming!

Records can be made for employment information, training, skills, work performance etc. In case of employee verification, employers can use this information. As blockchain cannot be tampered, it is the best way to avoid fraud in HR and keeping data safe.

Mobile apps are the next step

Increasing usage of smartphones are compelling recruiters to deliver information through mobile apps. Having such a functionality means that HR applications need to be considered.

Efforts are made to create mobile apps for every application developed by a company. As jobseekers are using their smartphones to search for jobs, organizations are making their mobile apps more user-friendly to improve candidate experience.

Cloud is in the air

In the last few years, cloud has managed to create its place in HR technology. Data collection and storage have now become easy. Online access to documents and other information is one of the benefits of cloud.

You can also archive employee information and save it securely. Organizations are adopting cloud-based Applicant Tracking Systems and Recruitment Marketing platforms. These solutions are becoming must-have tools for recruiters.

Big Data

Another advancement in technology is Big Data. It helps HR managers to know what their candidates want, how to market their job openings to them and communicate for the same. When clubbed with other technologies, HR professionals are able to take quick decision through valuable information they get.

Predictive Analytics

Data Analytics tools have contributed a lot in human resource. With predictive analytics on the plate, recruiters can judge candidate’s behavior in future. It will not only help in improving recruitment process but also ensure quality talent acquisition.

Importance of HR technology trends

Technology can only bring a change when it is implemented correctly. These HR tech trends are all set to transform human resource and give it a new direction for attaining overall productivity.

If you want to get real value from your business, technology is the key to achieve the same.

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