Overcoming Insomnia Naturally: 4 Best Tips for 2019

Overcoming Insomnia Naturally: 4 Best Tips for 2019

Sleep coach, speaker and author of The Sleep Deep Method.

Insomnia and other sleep problems can affect any of us, and are becoming increasingly common among busy professionals.  Excluding those with an underlying medical condition, many of us simply need a better understanding of their individual sleep problem in order to find the right, natural method for overcoming it..  When you know what makes you tick, you can pick better from the vast amount of tips out there, many of which are quite general.

Tip 1 – Personalise rather than generalise

The key here is to figure out the root cause of your insomnia.  So not taking advice based on somebody else’s problem, but on the combination of factors that are personal to you.

Many people look up general tips, ignoring fundamental things like their personality type, their lifestyle, working hours and so on.  Even the tips I give you need to be personalised for your unique set of circumstances.

Tip 2 – Focus on your main ‘pillar of sleep’

There are four pillars of sleep, and when you know what they are, this gives much more context to the situation.  More than one pillar will be playing a role in your sleep problems, but begin by just picking what you believe to be your main one to focus on.  Knowing which of these four pillars to focus on first will lead you to the most relevant tools for your unique situation faster.  In short, you will feel the benefits of your efforts much sooner.

Watch the short video below to hear about the four pillars, and without thinking too much, go with your gut and focus on tips for the pillar that most resonates with you.

Tip 3 – Build non-negotiable good routines into your life

Depending on which pillar of sleep you are now focusing on, you will need to design yourself a good routine around that area. 

For example, if you are eating dinner late at night and falling asleep on the sofa before you get to bed, that’s a bad routine.  Start noticing what you are doing, and change it up for a good routine – like getting ready for bed before you find yourself falling asleep in the wrong place.

For more ideas, watch my short video below.

Tip 4 – Don’t give up

I’ve heard so may people say that they can’t beat their insomnia, and that’s just not the case.  It’s not that you can’t improve your sleep skills, it’s more likely that you haven’t found the right practical tools for you yet.

This is one of the reasons I put together a free guide, 28 Ways to Overcome Insomnia Naturally, which you can register for a free copy of here.

So think about why overcoming insomnia or sleep problems matters to you, and use that as motivation to keep trying.  You don’t have to accept bad sleep and under-productive daytimes.  Looking at your life through the four pillars of sleep, you can find the major issues for you, and work on turning those around so that ultimately, the better-rested you can enjoy life more.

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Authentic Leadership leads to better work-family dynamic!

Authentic Leadership leads to better work-family dynamic!

James Kelley – Ph.D.

All right, so today’s topic is something that I was curious about, and so I did a little digging in the academic world. The topic focuses on the intersection of work-family and the impact of an authentic leader in and on the employee. The article is from 2017 in “Leadership Quarterly,”  by Dr. Susan Braun, and Dr. Karolina Nieberle titled, “Authentic Leadership Extends Beyond Work: A multi-level model of work-family conflict and enrichment.” 

Here is the big, burning question(s) in the article:

Does the impact of an authentic leader have a significant effect on a follower’s family life? Can an authentic leader help enhance, enrich their home life and at the same time, minimize the potential conflict that they have at home? The framework of the article is based on a concept work-home resource model from two smarter people than I, Dr. ten Brummelhuis and Dr, Bakker. 

The work-home resource model is predicated on the idea that a toxic work environment depletes your ability to personally cope leading to individuals taking negative stress home and impacting those relationships. This is termed ‘work-family conflict.’ 

On the other side of ‘work-family conflict,’ the authors propose that if the environment is healthy, giving, and creates space for individuals to have meaningful relationships in the workplace, they will have a ‘work-family enrichment experience.’ Essentially, great vibes at work will mean great vibes at home. 

Now as someone who grew up in a house whose mom was always in a ‘work-family conflict’ mode, I can tell you that it had a direct impact on me as a child. I spent 20 years dreading the real world, dreading the fact that I had to work nine to five, dreading that I would have a boss and just thinking that work in general sucked. So, this article speaks to me. 

Here’s what they found in this article. Maybe this isn’t that surprising to you, but they went out and researched ten teams of at least two individuals per team, so two followers, and then ten leaders. They acknowledged this is not a huge sample, but went out to get a larger sample, and just struggled to get the survey’s returned.

Here is what they found.

As they researched these teams, they found that when a follower perceives an authentic leader as being more authentic, espousing the values of authenticity in the workplace, the follower minimizes their work-life conflict. It reduces it. So, there’s this negative relationship. Thus, the more authentic, the less work-family conflict that there is. This indicates that the way we interact at work minimizes us bringing home our negative sh*t. 

The other thing that they looked at was this idea of, “if someone is perceived as an off-the-charts authentic leader, how does that impact the follower’s home life as well?” 

They found that the stronger the perceptions of the authentic leader by the follower, the more the follower felt lifted up, the more they felt engaged in the workplace, and thus the more that the follower took their work environment home with them. We know that engagement in the workplace is awful right now. It’s roughly 33% in the U.S. based on the Gallup Organization and approximately around 19% globally, so it’s pretty lousy all-in-all. 

So, here’s the important thing, as an organization, if we can create leadership development programs that allow your leaders to lead more authentically, create a more enriched environment, your employees will go home to their families and espouse those values as well. If we can get ‘followers’ to have a happier home, they’re going to come to work more prepared, more ready, and more productive.

To read more of my blogs, go to www.drjameskelley.com

Until next time,

Dr. James Kelley

Peter Cox

Peter Cox

Head of International Pension Plan Sales

Peter Cox is Head of International Pension Plan Sales, Middle East and Asia Pacific for Zurich International Life Limited. He has been involved in the development and promotion of workplace savings related products for over 25 years in the UK, Hong Kong and the Middle East. He is also a member of the Chartered Financial Analyst Institute in the UK, holding the CFA (UK) Level 4 Certificate of Investment Management.

With a strong knowledge of workplace savings solutions, administration processes and investment funds, Peter contributes regular articles for a wide variety of pensions publications in the UK and Middle East and often speaks at industry events, round-table discussions and web-cast interviews with Mallow Street, Financial Times on-line and Dubai Eye 103.8.

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James Kelley

James Kelley


As an international leadership author, TedX speaker, culture transformation expert, and entreprenuer, James has spent the last 15 years working in various organizations across four continents. In his recent book, The Crucible’s Gift: 5 lessons from authentic leaders who thrive in adversity, James interviewed over 140 executives, from Fortune Two companies to entrepreneurs in an aim to explore best practices for leading organizations. Currently, James is the founder and owner qChange, and Behavioral Internet of Things company. qChange, specializes in creating positive nudges at the point of choice. In addition, James is certified by Flourishing Leadership Institute, in large group facilitation utilizing the well-researched approach of Appreciative Inquire.

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What does a Shrimp, a Goby and an SME have in common?

What does a Shrimp, a Goby and an SME have in common?

Jason Waldron, Senior Sales Manager, Zurich Middle East

Some time ago I read an article by James F. Moore titled ‘Predators and Prey: A new Ecology of Competition published in the Harvard Business Review. This thought provoking commentary on the business eco-system led me to consider symbiotic relationships in the natural environment and more specifically the mutual benefits enjoyed by the Goby Fish and Pistol Shrimp.

In his writing, Moore concluded that companies do not belong to a single industry but exist in a business ecosystem across multiple industries and need to work together to develop new products and service customers.  This idea has been working successfully for hundreds of years in the Indo Pacific. The Shrimp burrows into the sand and creates a home for the Goby fish and in turn the Goby fish keeps an eye out for predators and warns the almost blind Shrimp when they are nearby. The Shrimp is able to keep predators at bay and the Goby fish has a place to hide from would be attackers.

Similar relationships exist within UAE’s SME business ecosystem. Consider a small business where the business owner (Shrimp), has created a stronghold in the UAE sand employing a valued staff member who performs a critical role (Goby). The business prospers within its own eco system where in return for security, remuneration and other benefits provided by the employer, the employee performs tasks essential for the business’ success.

What happens if the Goby is eaten?

Employers must realise that their Goby is a key business asset and the loss of this asset will very likely adversely affect their thriving enterprise. The fact is that 67% of small businesses in the region operated by a single owner would be unable to stay “alive” if the key person exits the business.  Risk Management is essential and business owners should consider the following when it comes to their key person assets:

  • Can my business survive without my key people and other valuable business assets?
  • How will their loss impact the profitability of my business?
  • How much will it cost to find a suitable replacement?
  • How long will it take to rebuild lost relationships?
  • Do I have a succession plan for such circumstances? Do I have Key Person Insurance?
How can SMEs protect their business from key person risk?

Business owners need to ask themselves, can I protect my business if my Goby is eaten or can I cover my business losses if my key person leaves?

The answer is a resounding YES! SME owners should absolutely consider insuring their key people against loss or damage so that the business can survive, remain competitive and financially sustainable even if their star employee is no longer working for the company. Tune in an informative video produced by Zurich Middle East to find out more about how you can protect your key business assets.  It all starts with an in-depth risk analysis to give the business owners a feel for how much insurance coverage the business needs, what kind of insurance products work best and which insurance company provides comprehensive Key Person Insurance. Small business owners should get in touch with a Financial Advisor to understand their options when it comes to Key Person Insurance and secure this critical business asset before its loss becomes a liability.

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