Switch your body from the Adrenalin fuelled Flight and Fight stress state into the Rest and Relax state with Bowen Therapy

The stressful lifestyle we have today constantly stimulates the sympathetic nervous system that functions to protect the body against perceived danger. Unfortunately, nothing tells it that the danger is over, as it is mostly mental, psychological and work related factors. With Bowen Therapy the gentle moves involved tells the body that the ’emergency’ is over and helps it achieve the relaxed state that we often miss.

Often, I get asked by my clients why is it that my muscles are so tense, why can my brain not switch off and why do I have all these health issues? Yet, I only work in an office! It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that it’s stress that is the cause.

A simply analogy, I often use, is to think back a few thousand years ago when we were merely hunter gatherers, the most stress we would have is most probably being faced by a wild animal. In that situation the Fight and Flight response comes in quite useful. The body gets itself ready to take some physical action. In today’s corporate environment we are constantly faced by figurative wild situations. The body produces adrenalin, tenses the muscles and decreases the digestive system activity to name just a few processes that gets affected by the stress response. But, unlike in those times, nothing actively happens. We don’t physically fight or run away. The four walls of the office makes up what used to be the jungles or wild savannah we used to roam in.

As a result, our body uses all it’s available energy to protect itself, and there is very little energy left to actually heal and repair itself.

Bowen therapy is a non-invasive, complementary and holistic therapy. It targets certain points in the body with gentle rolling movements. The precise location of the Bowen moves correlate with the latest research in the meridian energy system, acupoints and trigger point therapy.

Bowen therapy is the only manual therapy I know of that not only works on the musculoskeletal system but on all the other systems of the body as well. This includes the nervous system, lymphatic system, circulatory and hormonal systems. This helps the body balance, repair and reset itself. Clients experience energy recovery, reduction of pain and an improvement of function.

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