Emirates HR announces new client Sigma Thermal, the industrial process heating system company that has migrated to the cloud

Sigma Thermal explain finding a HR software is exactly what the business needed to improve the efficiency of their HR department.

Emirates HR’s cloud-based software solution delivers performance, scalability, personalisation, efficiency and flexibility to UAE & GCC businesses.

February 19, 2019

Emirates HR, an intuitive software solution revealed that companies in the region are replacing their spreadsheets and multiple paper documents, for a complete cloud-based HR solution to consolidate their HR and business processes. Sigma Thermal is gaining visibility, automation and simplicity needed for the smooth operation of the whole business while gaining access to multiple employee benefits to improve employee satisfaction. The continued growth of Emirates HR’s customer base is further proof that the need for an integrated HR system is rising not only locally but globally too. In support of this, Future Workplace predicted that 96% of HR leaders are planning to increase their investment in recruiting technology by the year 2020. Source

Emirates HR are singularly focused on becoming the best HR solution for the UAE & GCC region, with a mission to provide a world class experience for users by recognising and supporting local working practices. Emirates HR provide a complete HR and Payroll solution with expert functionality such as leave management, end of service benefits (EOS), document management, wage protection system (WPS), payroll and much more. Emirates HR software enables businesses to modernize operations, keeping their employees on the same page with real-time requests and notifications. The software empowers the staff with self-service while supporting the business with real-time dashboards and analysis to drive operational insights and company overviews. Advantages of a SaaS solution:

  • Low Cost of Entry. When adding up the costs of procuring and deploying a SaaS technology it amounts to a fraction of an on-premise solution.
  • Low TCO. SaaS solutions have a very low ‘Total Cost of Ownership’. Reducing the capital and operational costs in the long term for any business.
  • Faster Time to Market. All the user needs to do is acquire their subscription and then login, this cuts down the TTM significantly.
  • Flexible/Scalable Pricing. Change your subscription in real-time as your organisation grows (or shrinks), enabling you to scale up or down on-demand.
  • Low Risk. SaaS offers a flexible pay-as-you-go subscription model providing low risk and little-no capital outlay.
  • Secure. Securely access content in a centralized space versus using email and shared drives or allowing access to internal networks.
  • Automatic Upgrades. Free system upgrades are handled within short, pre-notified windows of time that fall outside of business hours.

Sigma Thermal (www.sigmathermal.com) Sigma Thermal Middle East designs, engineers, supplies, and services process heating systems for industry. Sigma Thermal was founded on the belief that exceptionally deep engineering knowledge, applied practical field experience, and real customer service is the keys to successful system design and project execution. These principles form the underlying framework for their company, and they are tightly held by all Sigma Thermal employees today. Emirates HR provides Sigma Thermal features important for their multinational employees working in the UAE region. The onboarding and employee visibility features are going to simplify the onerous tasks while offering an extremely cost-effective solution. “We are extremely excited to be implementing Emirates HR, not only for our HR department but for the operation of the whole business. The scalability and personalisation are great and we can’t wait to get started” Said Scott Brewster, Managing Director of Sigma Thermal Middle East.

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Emirates HR Launches New Website

Emirates HR Launches New Website

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Emirates HR has launched a new site for businesses who want to explore the specialized HR & Payroll platform designed specifically for the UAE & GCC. The website offers practical interactive information, exploring each feature in fine detail. Similar to the software, Mark JP Nutter and his team of experts developed the website with you in mind, devoting the design to a user-friendly experience.

Interested in breaking old ways of working & adopting new ones? Emirates HR & Payroll platform is the perfect tool for lowering workforce management costs, reducing admin time and increasing efficiency.

“Really excited to launch our new website which shows clearly how Emirates HR has been designed to help companies effectively manage their employees in the UAE” Said Emirates HR Founder, Mark JP Nutter.

Emirates HR empowers your people to manage their own human resources processes, freeing up time that can be used to drive strategic priorities of your business.

Did we forget to mention Emirates HR & Payroll is Free? Request a tailored demo for your business. Please get in touch at info@emirateshr.com +971 4436 1888 or complete form provided on our NEW website. www.emirateshr.com


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