Aliya Rajah

Aliya Rajah - Confidence Coach for Women Aliya Rajah supports professional women in building their self-confidence to help them to achieve their goals, feel happier in themselves and develop more meaningful relationships. She is a life coach and NLP Practitioner and...

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Chris Goodwin

Chris is the Managing Director of The Results Driven Group. Chris has a background in industry and has 20 years in the skills arena. One of his core skill sets is designing bespoke management and leadership solutions that are designed around talent development and...

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Monica Mathijs

“Developing People. Developing organisations” Monica is an ex-Big Four consultant and has worked with many businesses in the UK and UAE. She understands the needs of businesses to achieve results and support their workforce to be successful. She has many years of...

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Aneta Grabiec

aka The Wellness Designer A psychologist, nutritional therapist-relationship with food expert, Hormone Reset program- no diet weight loss approach, senior yoga teacher- teaching yoga to individuals, corporates and studios around London and running international...

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Philippe Mathijs

Philippe has over 20 years of corporate experience at executive level, gained globally across a number of industries and companies. He appreciates the challenges faced by busy executives and the complex and changing nature of the corporate landscape and this is why...

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Beatrix A Schmidt

Sleep coach, speaker and author of The Sleep Deep Method. Having struggled with insomnia and burning herself out in her mid-twenties, Beatrix spent the last 10 years researching sleep and learning that in order for us to sleep well at night, we need to look much...

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Neelam Kaul

I work with professionals to both manage the challenges associated with their corporate lives and to position them to capitalise on career opportunities. My coaching focuses on Leadership at all levels of an organisation. The main three areas…

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Katie Maycock

Anxiety and Digestive Health Specialist "I spent eighteen years of my life living with anxiety. I called it various things such as eating disorders, personality traits, digestive issues, fear, and/or life. Not once did I acknowledge I was stressed or that I had...

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Hayssam Al. Amine

Hayssam Al Amine helps organizations and individuals in creating service cultures and service excellence mindsets that develop customer advocacy. Managing Director of Resource Performance Management, he specializes in Organizational…

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Jamie Breese

Jamie Breese has presented over 500 TV shows for major networks in the UK and USA. He writes for the Sunday Mirror and hosts events as a compere. He also founded the region’s largest business event, the Business…

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