Neelam Kaul

I work with professionals to both manage the challenges associated with their corporate lives and to position them to capitalise on career opportunities. My coaching focuses on Leadership at all levels of an organisation. The main three areas…

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Katie Maycock

Anxiety and Digestive Health Specialist "I spent eighteen years of my life living with anxiety. I called it various things such as eating disorders, personality traits, digestive issues, fear, and/or life. Not once did I acknowledge I was stressed or that I had...

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Hayssam Al. Amine

Hayssam Al Amine helps organizations and individuals in creating service cultures and service excellence mindsets that develop customer advocacy. Managing Director of Resource Performance Management, he specializes in Organizational…

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Jamie Breese

Jamie Breese has presented over 500 TV shows for major networks in the UK and USA. He writes for the Sunday Mirror and hosts events as a compere. He also founded the region’s largest business event, the Business…

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Sasha Quince

Sasha Quince left the fast-paced corporate world at a time she was experiencing grave pressure and stress and also at a time that she experienced the greatest loss of her life, so she took a chance by creating Let’s Go Yoga…

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Sean Burgess

Following a degree in biomedicine, Sean moved to the UAE in 2013 to head up the investment strategy team at a regional wealth management firm. During this time, his contribution to the development of high-profile corporate…

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