‘Motivation. How uncool that word just sounds. It somehow by default switches us into the procrastination mode…Procrastination is the biggest, greatest nemesis of motivation and to kill procrastination is the synonym to boosting the motivation. How?

“..action itself is the best starting point for more action while trying to think your way into more motivation is an unreliable and ineffective way to create forward motivation.” Stephen Guise

JUST DO IT! This Nike slogan says it all: the research into procrastination has identified practical ways that can help overcome the tendency to procrastinate and the single most important technique is called ‘the five-minute take off and is……simply, starting to do the thing you have been putting off, no matter how little you feel like doing it.

We often believe that to do something we have to truly want to do it—to be in the right mood, to feel inspired. Wrong! Usually, to get the job done, it is enough merely to begin doing it—the initial action kick-starts the process and often brings about more action.

“The beginning is the most important part of the work.” Plato

Remember Newton’s law from school?

“An object at rest tends to stay at rest; an object in motion tends to stay in motion”

MOTION, get yourself into that motion, just get going.

And if your ego starts getting excited about the ideas of dropping 2 dress sizes by the end of the week, learning Chinese fluently within a year or sitting 60 min every morning for meditation – laugh at it, as attempting such ambitions will likely make your mind freak out and find excuses on how to never get started!

Instead, have a mini target, your defenses go down and you (easily!) take that first (and hardest!) baby step—creating momentum that will likely keep you going.

This applies to EVERYTHING.

If you dream of  bikini body – start eating more greens and find sport activity that you enjoy (or simply join one of our Wellness Designer Holiday or/and Wellness/Nutrition Programs)

If you’re procrastinating (getting overwhelmed) with your business planning or creating your lifestyle, break your target task down into the smallest possible chunk and just do THAT! You don’t need to come up with the entire life plan—just start writing down, step by step with focus and single-tasking, consistently adding the tasks and actioning them: 1 in and 1 out.

You don’t need to write your whole life script. You don’t need the whole marketing plan—just 1 idea. You don’t need to eat perfectly today—just start with making 1 healthy nutritional choice and observe how you feel?

JUST GET STARTED. Small steps for big results. Keep feeding your motivation and it will feed your goals.

Your Wellness Designer x Aneta

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