Anxiety and Digestive Health Specialist

“I spent eighteen years of my life living with anxiety. I called it various things such as eating disorders, personality traits, digestive issues, fear, and/or life. Not once did I acknowledge I was stressed or that I had anxiety.

I spent my early twenties working in corporate sales as a Type A individual that couldn’t get enough of the fast pace industry that I worked in. I utilized the adrenaline I had pumping through me and only saw how it was positive. I Got My Act Together in my late twenties and started evaluating everything in my life. Work, lifestyle and health. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I was frustrated by never having an answer.

After years of denying the effects that stress and anxiety had on my body, I made learning about it my sole focus. I looked at how I viewed work, relationships, diet, exercise, and life in general. There was work to be done.

I spent the next few years developing and refining techniques to help break the cycle of stress and anxiety. I created practical tools that, to this day, help keep stress and anxiety to a minimum. My health has done a complete 180. Now my goal is to give back.

I work closely with corporate companies, individuals and private groups helping them recognize their cycle of stress and anxiety. I help them break that cycle and get their health back.”


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