“Developing People. Developing organisations”

Monica is an ex-Big Four consultant and has worked with many businesses in the UK and UAE. She understands the needs of businesses to achieve results and support their workforce to be successful. She has many years of experience working across different functions of an organisation and uses her skills, structured approach, insight and hands on experience to deliver programs and workshops within companies.

Monica delivers bespoke corporate programs to provide staff with the tools and techniques to build upon their business and soft skills. The unique structured approach of the programs create a setting of learning which is immersive, hands-on, experiential and real-time.

She is passionate about helping people reach their potential and feels a sense of pride and accomplishment when the transformation takes place.

Being a change agent, Monica is able to support companies undergoing change and business transformation. People are afraid of new things and change so by working with companies on this journey, she uses consulting models and people development to support the change process through coaching, workshops and team building initiatives. 

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