I work with professionals to both manage the challenges associated with their corporate lives and to position them to capitalise on career opportunities.

My coaching focuses on Leadership at all levels of an organisation.

The main three areas are Leadership Stress, Productivity and Wellbeing.

With high performance comes high levels of stress and anxiety which, if not carefully managed, can overwhelm and lead to serious health issues.

Personal Development, Emotional Intelligence and Self Care are key to keep our heads above water, avoiding burnout and the feeling of being “Stressed In The City”I attend many industry events, round table and panel discussions.

I also run workshops at some of the leading private members clubs and co working spaces in London.

Recently I have been featured in the bespoke Hedgerways Financial Recruitment newsletter in London, a leading luxury lifestyle PA magazine and was a guest speaker on a London Radio station.

You can find more details of my recent projects, articles, content and further information on my Linkedin profile and website below.

Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/neelam-kaul-62a55b28
Web:  www.stressedinthecity.com

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