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Insomnia and other sleep problems can affect any of us, and are becoming increasingly common among busy professionals.  Excluding those with an underlying medical condition, many of us simply need a better understanding of their individual sleep problem in order to find the right, natural method for overcoming it..  When you know what makes you tick, you can pick better from the vast amount of tips out there, many of which are quite general.

Tip 1 – Personalise rather than generalise

The key here is to figure out the root cause of your insomnia.  So not taking advice based on somebody else’s problem, but on the combination of factors that are personal to you.

Many people look up general tips, ignoring fundamental things like their personality type, their lifestyle, working hours and so on.  Even the tips I give you need to be personalised for your unique set of circumstances.

Tip 2 – Focus on your main ‘pillar of sleep’

There are four pillars of sleep, and when you know what they are, this gives much more context to the situation.  More than one pillar will be playing a role in your sleep problems, but begin by just picking what you believe to be your main one to focus on.  Knowing which of these four pillars to focus on first will lead you to the most relevant tools for your unique situation faster.  In short, you will feel the benefits of your efforts much sooner.

Watch the short video below to hear about the four pillars, and without thinking too much, go with your gut and focus on tips for the pillar that most resonates with you.

Tip 3 – Build non-negotiable good routines into your life

Depending on which pillar of sleep you are now focusing on, you will need to design yourself a good routine around that area. 

For example, if you are eating dinner late at night and falling asleep on the sofa before you get to bed, that’s a bad routine.  Start noticing what you are doing, and change it up for a good routine – like getting ready for bed before you find yourself falling asleep in the wrong place.

For more ideas, watch my short video below.

Tip 4 – Don’t give up

I’ve heard so may people say that they can’t beat their insomnia, and that’s just not the case.  It’s not that you can’t improve your sleep skills, it’s more likely that you haven’t found the right practical tools for you yet.

This is one of the reasons I put together a free guide, 28 Ways to Overcome Insomnia Naturally, which you can register for a free copy of here.

So think about why overcoming insomnia or sleep problems matters to you, and use that as motivation to keep trying.  You don’t have to accept bad sleep and under-productive daytimes.  Looking at your life through the four pillars of sleep, you can find the major issues for you, and work on turning those around so that ultimately, the better-rested you can enjoy life more.

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