Yoga Expert and founder of Let’s go yoga – UAE

Sasha Quince left the fast-paced corporate world at a time she was experiencing grave pressure and stress and also at a time that she experienced the greatest loss of her life, so she took a chance by creating Let’s Go Yoga

Inspired to share the amazing benefits she was receiving from Yoga and Mindfulness with the UAE community.

Sasha specializes in Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga, a fierce and anatomically present style unique to the UAE. She also knows all too well corporate employee struggles are and was inspired to create- 5-days to less stress at your desk online challenge to enhance motivation, decrease stress and alleviate back and body pain from a desk job. Her in depth program for corporations is Power & Presence in the workplace inspires teams, builds trust and connection, reduces stress and improves workplace mood levels and productivity. Sasha is truly passionate about sharing key tools for corporates to step into a present state of mind, reduce stress in the body and mind and enjoy their roles in the workplace.

Learn more about many of Sasha’s offerings by visiting, the links: 
Website : www.letsgoyogame.come

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